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Make the most of your funds

Everybody talks about preparing an Initial Coin Offering – But what happens afterwards?

Post-ICO Consulting facilitates sustainable growth while promoting an increase of your token value. The program focuses on creating the 3 necessary scalable infrastructures: Culture, strategy and execution.


Culture programs designed for immediate impact on rapidly growing companies, allowing their culture to flourish


State of the art methods to develop and monitor your strategy, supported by ongoing advice


2- to 5-days trainings, workshops and sprints to maximize your team’s execution skills

Pre-ICO Consulting
By optimizing your strategy we maximize your token’s ICO

Post-ICO Consulting
After the ICO, we prepare your organization for sustainable growth

Assessing current growth conditions of team, strategy etc.

Vision & Strategy
Developing a vision & adjusting the strategy for efficient growth

Creating scalable infrastructure (tools, meetings, KPIs, accounts)

Continuously enhancing strategy and corporate culture

Our programs guide you through rapid growth

Monthly inhouse meetings

Development of strategy and culture with the management team; integration of culture and execution techniques with the whole team

Executive coaching

Flexible support by a performance coach for the whole management team to help with individual challenges

Events & sprints

Individualized inhouse-events and sprints to deepen knowledge of agile methods and work on specific challenges

Brainworks App

Distribution of relevant general as well as company-specific information via Brainworks as communication tool to sustain a healthy flow of information during rapid growth

Individual support

From managing projects to optimizing processes and recruiting high potentials – the program can be extended to address all of your major challenges

After 12 months

  • The strategy is defined, being executed & tracked with milestones
  • The business model is clarified and well communicated
  • The internal organization runs smoothly 
  • The corporate culture flourishes
  • A healthy meeting rhythm is established
  • A KPI system is in place and aligned with the company’s goals 
  • The right people do the right things 
  • Everybody takes responsibility for their tasks and KPIs 
  • The organization is built to realize the desired growth 
  • Investors can be sure that their money is being used wisely 

Value-based pricing

We don’t work fee-based but we live to deliver entrepreneurial value. Our pricing is based on the value created and measured by KPIs we define together before the project begins. We accept crypto as form of payment.

Here to make a difference

Our team consists of experienced consultants and experts. We are innovators, change agents and psychologists – And especially passionate founders with a thorough understanding of your challenge.

Sascha Grumbach

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